Orange, Red



Appereance Color

Orange,White,Red,Light Blue,Black

TigerShark is the special mascot of the game, it was done so and was on nearly every cover of Invizimals' games and merchandises. The TigerShark has a special feature of being more of a 'Tigershark' than in real life. What builds its appearance is its protruding shark fins from his back and orange with black striped appeal.In gameplay, it has two special attacks and two basic attacks. His attribute is Jungle.

How to CaptureEdit

Once you receive the Tigershark quest, beat every single club leader once more. This includes the clubs of the different elements, like fire and jungle. Once you have done this, one of the club leaders will have 1 set, bet, next to their name. Fight them, and you will fight a level one TigerShark. You will have the option to obtain, destroy or forgive once you win. Hopefully you choose obtain.


The Tigershark forms vary. The pup and colt are very alike,the main difference being size. The max form changes allot,having a more human-like body.

Trivia Edit

  • Tigershark is the most famous invizimal becuse of its appereance in the game, but its not the strongest.
  • In Invizimals Shadow Zone theres an Invizimal similar to Tigershark.
  • No matter how many TigerSharks you obtain, a number will never appear infront of it's name.
  • Tigershark is a costume in Little Big Planet 2.

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