(Pronounced ice-lion) is an Ice type Invizimal resembling a lion and a sabertooth. Its color is light blue with lighter blue icicles around the face and and tail area. The feet and claws are dark yellow. Both claws and feet are quite long and could be a strong attack if used in battle. When he evolves he becomes bigger, and the tail, teeth and claws are much longer at this point.

How to CaptureEdit

Icelion is found very early in the game. To capture it, all you have to do is use the camera to reflect sunlight into its face. After you do it a few times, Icelion will be captured.


Icelion Pup








Blue, Golden


Invizimals, Invizimals Shadow Zone

Appereance Color

Light Blue

Icelion's forms are very alike to each other. Icelion has some kind of mist around him resembling how cold he is. It's Max Form stands in 2 legs and resembles every other form.

Dark Form Edit

It's Dark Form is a greenish color,with skulls on it's shoulders. It seems to have a strong relation with Kenny,as seen in Shadow Zone.


  • The Icelion's pup form is more like a Sabertooth, unlike its Colt form its more like a Lion.
  • Keni mentions that Icelion is a "very strong InviZimal" which seems to be true.
  • Icelions strongest attack (Triangle button) resembles the Pokemon move Blizzard.

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