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Invizimals (invisible animals) are invisible creatures that were discoverd by Keni who works in Tokyo. You can only find and capture Invizmals by using a PSP camera. There over 100 Invizimals to collect and train. When trained they will level up and become stonger. When the Invizimal reaches level 5 it evolves from a pup into a colt and at level 9 it evolves into a max. There are 6 elemnts of Invizimals: Fire, Ocean, Jungle, Rock, Ice, and Desert. Each element has different weaknesses and strengths. For example an Ice Invizimal is invincible to the Ice Elemntal Vector.

During a battle you can use vectors to help you win. Some are not availible until later in the game when you have defeated the leaders of the clubs.

  • Health Pack (Regenerates a Small amount of Health)
  • Stamina Pack (Regenerates a Small amount of Stamina)
  • Wall (Blocks all physical attacks)
  • Shield (Increases Armor)
  • Earthquake (Causes an earth-shaking ripple which deals a small amount of damage)
  • Fire Assualt(Launches a wave of fire dealing fire damage to the enemy Invizimal)
  • Lighting Strike (Creates deadly stormclouds which electrocute the enemy)
  • Screen Jammer (Cracks the screen of the PSP Camera, blocking parts of vision of the battle.)
  • Miracle (Regenerates all Health)
  • Fire Elemental (Causes Massive Fire Damage to the enemy by summoning a Wave Guardian)
  • Ocean Elemental (Causes Massive Ocean Damage to the enemy by summoning a Wave Guardian)
  • Desert Elemental (Causes Massive Desert Damage to the enemy by summoning a Wave Guardian)
  • Jungle Elemental (Causes Massive Jungle Damage to the enemy by summoning a Wave Guardian)
  • Rock Elemental (Causes Massive Rock Damage by summoning a Wave Guardian)
  • Ice Elemental (Causes Massive Ice Damage by summoning a Wave Guardian)
  • Metor Strike (Causes Extreme Fire Damage to the enemy)
  • Force (Increases Attack Power)
  • Balloon (2nd game only)
  • Vampire Fangs (2nd game only)
  • Tomato Attack (2nd game only)
  • Call of the Eagle (2nd game only)
  • Symmetry (2nd game only)

Some of the Invizimals are harder to get, as moby and boneshell can only be obtained once you connect with someone online. There are also 6 special Invizimals in the first game that you need a secret trap to obtain. These Invizimals are Uberjackel, Nessie, Scissorbeak, Venomweb. Flamigerodon. Skelatail.

Either look up these traps, or go to to recieve all of them.


  • Invizimals are similar to Pokemon.
  • Invizimals can be made bigger by increasing the size of the trap.
  • Invizimals in their Max State seem to be mutated from their Adult Form.
  • More traditional Invizimals are found in the second game, like Yetis, Bigfoot, Chupacabra, and many more.
  • This website is going over mainly the US releases of Invizimals, and Shadow Zone is not released. That information will hopefully be out soon.

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